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Aranda Primary School
Australian Capital Territory, Australia

News - 4 December 2019

Update on enrolments for 2020.

The AMA Committee expresses its gratitude for the continuing support of our principal, Phil Gray, and all Aranda Primary School teachers. Without their support we could not continue to operate this Program that so many of us, and our children, value so highly.

The AMA Program has many unique features, including:

  • It is a long-standing, parent-volunteer run Program. It has been operating at Aranda Primary School for over 20 years.
  • Aranda Primary School makes its premises available for the Program. This makes the Program very accessible to families and children, and facilitates children accessing the range of activities the Program offers.

Whilst supporting the AMA Program, Aranda Primary School’s paramount consideration is supporting our highly valued teachers, including their need to use their classrooms after 3pm. The AMA Committee unconditionally supports this approach. As our school continues to have at or exceeding capacity student enrolments, it is necessary for both the school and the AMA Program to adapt and look for innovative solutions to meet its needs. These are our shared challenges.

We also remind families that under AMA Program’s enrolment terms and conditions, families are responsible for their children (including transport arrangements) prior to the AMA Program lesson and once the lesson finishes, unless their child/ren are enrolled in Aranda Afters on the day they attend their AMA lesson. This means child/ren must not be left unsupervised on school grounds before or after their AMA lesson.

Having carefully considered these matters, we have agreed that in 2020:

  • Introduction to Music (a group music class for kindergarten and year 1 students) will start at 3.15pm each Tuesday, and be held in the Music Room.
  • Continuing Music (a group music class for year 1 students who have participated in Introduction to Music and year 2 students) will start at 3.15pm each Wednesday, and be held in the Music Room.
  • Drama and dance group classes held offsite at Aranda Shops, will start at 3pm on Monday for drama and Tuesdays and Wednesdays for dance (subject to interest).
  • Art (a group class held each day) will start at 3.15pm each day subject to classroom availability. On any day a classroom is unavailable from 3.15pm, Art will not start before 3.30pm.
  • Lessons for all other AMA Program classes will not start before 3.30pm.
  • All AMA lessons will start in week 3 (following 3 way interviews in week 2).
  • Any offers for 2020 placements made this year will be preliminary, subject to room availability. The AMA committee will confirm placements as soon as possible in the first weeks of Term 1, prior to lessons commencing in week 3.

As a result of these changes, the AMA Committee has re-opened AMA first round enrolments for 2020. Enrolments will close at 8pm on Friday, 13 December. If you haven’t already enrolled, or if you want to change/add lessons to an enrolment already submitted, please access the online enrolment below.

If you have any questions, please email

Go to "How To Join" to register.

To enquire about vacancies, please email

The Program

The Aranda Music & Art program provides affordable school-based music, drama and art tuition for students attending Aranda Primary School (K to Y6).

Classes operate between the hours of 3-6pm Monday-Friday during term.

While the content of the Program changes from year to year, its purpose remains the same - to enrich children's lives through the arts.

The activities available are:

Group Lessons:
  • Introduction to Music (K-Y1)
  • Continuing Music (Y1-Y2)
  • Drama (Y2-Y6)
  • Art

Individual Lessons:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Singing

We have a fantastic team of highly skilled tutors who can cater for your child’s artistic needs.

We also hold recital evenings twice a year in which the children take great pride in showing off what they have achieved.

For 2019 the group lessons are priced at $15 -$25 per session, and individual lessons are $34 per session.

To enrol in the program there is a $40 annual registration for one child, or $75 for two or more. The committee uses this to contribute to the general running costs and maintenance of the program (including rental of the rooms).

The program is run by a group of volunteers who form a sub-committee of the P & C Association. We are always grateful for any help we can get. If you can donate some of your time to contribute to this valued program, please contact us via email:

Classes are only available to students attending Aranda Primary School (not preschool)

Drop off and pick up policy: Parents should drop their children to the classroom and collect their children promptly after lessons. Students who attend Aranda After School Care will be collected/returned by the tutor.

Please note it is no longer a requirement of the AMA Program that your child is also enrolled in Aranda Afters.

If you require After School Care please contact Aranda Afters for a separate enrolment form.

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